Materials and processes

The extraordinary thoughness and hardness of Maggi safety systems are determiend by precise production choices.


Maggigroup’s know-how in working steels is essential in creating tougher, sturdier safety devices able to withstand at best, any break-in and theft attempt. The basic concept on which Maggigroup's technicians and production departments rely on, is very precise: adopt the most suitable materials, production procedures and treatments according to the final device to be produced.
Therefore, specialisation and diversification underlie production choices, also in this case. With regards to chains, steel treated with manganese and boron is used, with the double goal to improve toughness and hardness to the most.
The treatment with manganese exalts the thoughness properties of the chain against theft attempts through metal traction, compression or resilience; the boron, thanks to a particular thermal treatment, modifies the steel phases and hardens it, thus remarkably improving the surface hardness. With regards to padlocks and all those devices which do not require welding, Maggigroup adopts steels with higher carbon content, able to further improve the overall resistance to traction, compression and break-in.
Moreover, also in this case, the steels are subject to hardening processes when needed.

Special steels containing manganese and boron are used by the company to produce Maggigroup anti-theft chains, guaranteeing the best compromise between toughness and hardness of materials, thus offering a high safety level to demanding motorcyclists. The chains are throughly inspected and checekd to certify proper welding.

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